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Sales Superstar

We pride ourselves on having the best professionals in the industry and the success New Life Property Restoration enjoys is largely because of the people we employ.

New Life Property Restoration, LLC is an Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, sexual identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

To be considered for a position email Clint@NewLife-Restorations.com



If I could show you a way to earn an unlimited income in a billion-dollar recession-proof industry, with no financial investment, no formal education while giving you a proven, guaranteed-to-work sales training system that will set you on a path to be a regular high six-figure producer by offering a virtually free service that 80% of all prospects need today? Would you take that opportunity?

I am looking for the next sales superstar, and current (or aspiring) six figure earner to join our team. If you are a highly motivated, quota crushing sales professional OR think you have what it takes to be great, AND CAN PROVE IT, I want to hear from you.

* Above Average Compensation…Earn what you are worth!
* Incredible Sales Training and ongoing assistance
* Unlimited Leads
* Phenomenal marketing system
* Excellent Stable Career Opportunity
* Recession-Proof Industry
* State of the art technology support
* Enthusiastic and Energetic environment

If you are a top performer or you have what it takes to be great and are in the wrong environment, call me to make an appointment.

If you love
* Sales
* Lead Generation
* Negotiating
* Networking
* Closing
* Commission

You will love us!

If you despise
* Excuses
* Poor Ethics
* Laziness
* Poor Production
* Poor Customer Service

You will love us!

Find out if you are walking through the correct door.

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We are here to guide you to your success.

 Academy of Excellence in Sales Performance

What will you will learn?

Learn and Apply the soft skills of Sales Excellence

  • Learn how to accelerate your growth
  • Discover how to make better decisions
  • Find a better way to concentrate on the right things
  • Learn keys to great health, fitness, and nutrition
  • Uncover tactics for managing fear and self-doubt
  • Practice simple techniques for discipline, decision-making, and self-control
  • Find out how to identify and overcome obstacles

Understand and Implement the Hard Skills of Sales Performance

  • Fast Track to higher income by way of Sales System Implementation
  • Grow quickly through Multi Facet Lead Generation
  • Realize the Fortune Follow Up method to create a long-term successful career
  • Increase your efficiency in developing Territory & Time Management principals
  • Become an effective communicator through CRM & Automated Marketing
  • Understand and apply powerful Negotiation Tactics
  • Reach your fullest potential by knowing your Unique Value Proposition
  • Propel your career through Powerful, Passionate and Persuasive Presenting
  • Learn to earn Clients for Life

Academy of Excellence in Sales Performance Schedule

When and Where

February 11th, 2019                  Mount Prospect, Il

March 11th, 2019                       Mount Prospect, Il

April 1st, 2019                            Mount Prospect, Il

April 22nd, 2019                         Mount Prospect, Il

May 19th, 2019                           Mount Prospect, Il

June TBD, 2019                                                     TBD

July TBD, 2019                                                      TBD